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Established in 1970, C&N and Associates Inc covers the Southern California marketplace from San Luis Obispo to the Mexican border. C&N boasts an experienced sales team with a combined 90 years of experience in the electronics industry. We are dedicated to, and have a track record of, sales growth across multiple markets including medical, automotive, mil aero and industrial with an emphasis on power applications.

Introducing the TKH55

Ohmite’s latest product, the TKH55, is similar to the TKH45 with the added benefit of up to 55 watts of power dissipation. It is a heatsinkable thick film resistor with the same footprint as the TO-263 with a low profile. The TKH55 has a greater resistance area and a thermal resistance of 3.0°C/W in a surface-mount design adept at dissipating high wattage. The TKH55 can replace any TO-263 package and is suitable for high-energy applications.